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When you know the answer… #quotes
We Grow From Each Experience

Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill your life to.
Have you been in this situation and finally realized you have to let go and move on?
Don’t Forget The Helpers

Things will get worse before they get better, and when they do, remember who put you down and who helped you up.  — Unknown

The Person Who Will Love You

The Person Who Will Love You

In your lifetime you will find and meet one person who will love you more than anybody you have ever known and will know. They will love you with every bit of energy and soul. They will sacrifice, surrender and give so much that it scares you. Someday you’ll know who that is. Sometimes people realize who it was. — Unknown

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Life’s strongest glue is being happy to be you. #quotes

A Beautiful Day Begins…

A Beautiful Day Begins…

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you that it will start to feel like one. Time spent living is time worth appreciating. — Unknown

A beautiful day begins


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LOVE Is Stronger Than Anything

LOVE Is Stronger Than Anything

Those we most love cause us not only great joy but also great pain. LOVE is stronger than fear, life stronger than death, hope stronger than despair. We have to trust that the risk of loving is always worth taking.  —  Henri J.M. Nouwen

Love is stronger


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You Got This!

Being strong doesn’t mean you’ll never get hurt. It means that even when you do get hurt, you’ll NEVER let it defeat you. — Unknown

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